Survivors of Arborea

Survivors of Arborea

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For centuries, the Scouts have been the vanguard of the Terran Alliance’s expansion into space.
Explorers, diplomats, warriors when they need to be, they are the elite, and you, Jack Sailor, are one of them.
Well, you will be in a month, probably. For now, you are only a cadet, selected from among thousands of candidates.
You have endured five years of training at the Academy, and are almost ready to become a real scout and wear the bronze badge of your corps.
You only have to finish your training mission, a simple run on the Starwolf, a soon-to-be decommisioned starship, before returning to Earth for your final exam.
What can possibly go wrong?

Powered by the Venture System, a diceless ruleset explicitly designed for solo gamebooks, these pages will launch you into the greatest space romance adventure you have ever played! So what are you waiting for?
Grab your saber and your energy gun and prepare to venture among the titanic trees of Arborea!
In this gamebook, YOU are the hero!